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  1. It’s a play on words: Global and Local.
  2. How to localize (or localise if you speak Queen's English) your go-to-market and products to ensure global leadership.

Glocal Story

We built Glocal after realising how difficult it is to tap the global potential of innovation.

Chapter I. SuccessFactors: Silicon Valley to Europe

Glocal Partners came out of our founder's experience of growing SuccessFactors, a leader in cloud computing applications for executives and HR. Once upon a time, SuccessFactors was a Silicon Valley start-up looking to expand in Europe. Looking back, our European market entry was a resounding success, securing some of the largest European businesses like Siemens, Lloyds, BP, Societe Generale, Renault as clients and getting secondary listings on Deutsche and Paris stock exchanges. Yet, as with any high-growth venture many mistakes had been made — where many operational mistakes could have been avoided.

Chapter III. The elusive search for local expertise.

Finally, we found that one of the biggest challenges in driving global growth came from fragmented knowledge. Practical know-how was impossible to find in either public domain or inside the various geographical or functional silos of a single business. The experience, the networks and the data that could support international success simply resided in professionals’ heads or at best in regional pockets.

Alex Shevelenko

Glocal Partners, Founder

Glocal Partners has the super-human ability to tap experts in all corners of the world. With a possible exception of Antarctica.  That is because we are more than one human. We are GLOCAL.  Alex Shevelenko, may be the founder and your starting point, but don’t be confused: the secret sauce is our network of global gurus who have successfully tackled the challenges you are about to face. 

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Chapter II. Small countries. Big dreams.

In parallel to driving the growth of a Silicon Valley business abroad, we’ve been advising early-stage European and Israeli start-ups though incubators like Seedcamp. Limited by the small domestic markets, these start-ups faced even more daunting international challenges. If you are not born in a country with massive market, your survival depended on becoming global in the first few years of your life. Quite a bit of pressure on top of typical existential tests facing any start-up.

Chapter IV. Overcome the obstacles: know what you don't know.

Such obstacles can challenge founders, investors, and management teams who have scaled global businesses before. They can derail teams that don’t know what they don’t know. And as the international competition (good ideas travel fast) proliferates, the risk of missing out on the global markets is getting higher every day.

Glocal offers a set of solutions

... that we wish we had when were were dealing with similar challenges in the past. Glocal will help your company to avoid costly mistakes and to accelerate your expansion.

How we operate?

We select a few businesses with a global potential and help them realize this potential. Do you want to grow together? Let's fast-track access to global opportunities and ensure returns from international investments.

Our work

Glocal experience ranges from multinationals to startups on their first market expansion.

Our network operates everywhere, with a possible exception of Antarctica, but we created a special hub in London, the world's most global metropolis.

Many of our portfolio companies are looking for a place to call home or at least to host a business development meeting or two when they land in Europe.

Glocal Manifesto

  • Technology, by shrinking time and space, has changed the world and made it one.
  • Almost. The world may be flat in abstract. But the markets and consumers have uneven needs in practice.
  • This flat and spiky terrain creates opportunities for globally savvy innovators and threats for traditionalists.
  • To tap the revolutionary potential of new technologies, to cover the development cost, and to create sustainable value
  • ... today's companies and investors need to adapt. To build global and to love local. Early. And often.
  • It's hard to do it alone. Global creates complexity. Local requires expertise.
  • But we can do it together. And change the world by letting the best innovations spread.
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